Mussanah Race Week

The first Mussanah Race Week took place in 2011 at Mussanah Sports City and proved to be a game-changer in establishing Oman as an outstanding venue for sailing competitions.

The Sultanate was no stranger to hosting high profile sailing events. The Extreme Sailing Series came to Muscat just a couple of months before and of course, the Asian Beach Games, featuring sailing, had proved a major success in December 2010. But launching an international dinghy regatta, backed by a 10 year plan to compete alongside some heavyweight showdowns in the sailing calendar, was by anyone’s reckoning, a bold and ambitious step.

The inaugural contest, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Batinah coastline, provided more than enough proof that daring and determination pays dividends.

There were 78 entries for the curtain raiser, mainly from the local sailing centres and the local schools in Muscat and Musannah but the most exciting features of the week were the coaching clinics, led by some stellar sailors drawn from the international sailing scene.

Since then, the rise of Mussanah Race Week has been rapid and dynamic with increasing numbers of local sailors taking advantage of the rare and privileged opportunity to compete against some of the world’s best sailors and international sailors, always on the lookout for top-class warm weather training venues, signing up in ever bigger numbers to nudge Mussannah Race Week towards the big league.

During the winter months, Oman enjoys a pleasant average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The average maximum temperature is 26 degrees Celsius with a low of 20 degrees. We advise you to bear in mind the cooler evening temperatures and bring appropriate clothing.
Females are not required to wear long sleeves, but visitors are reminded to respect local traditions and dress appropriately.
The hotel does not offer ATM services, however branches of the major Omani banks, as well as many international banks, are available within the vicinity of Mussanah.
You will be staying at the Millennium Resort Mussanah, approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Muscat International Airport. More information about the hotel can be found here
“Great venue for training and racing, everything was well organised and easy for sailors and coaches. Definitely a place worth returning to for more sailing”
Ditte Juul Kristensen, Coach of Danish Optimist Sailing Team
“Mussanah Race Week offers great training conditions and racing on a high level. It brings together great sailors from all over the world who normally don’t train and compete together – competitive on the water and many new friendships on land!”
Cyrill Auer, Optimist Coach
Mussanah Race Week was a very high level competition and an experience you can learn a lot from by having fun and making many friends.
The slipway was quite amazing, it was very easy to launch the boats and there were very competitive countries, such as Singapore, Germany, Brazil, and Switzerland, among others.
I would go back because it was a beautiful experience and I hope that the event grows every year because I loved it.”
Dante Cittadini, South American Champion 2014
“The climate conditions were very good and pleasant, away from winter in Europe, even when there were light wind conditions. It was a great chance to compete with other Optimist sailors, many of whom I knew from the 2015 World Championship and other international Regattas. The event was of really high quality with competitors from about 16 nations sailing in Gold and Silver Fleet.
Everything was very well organised; the journey, the hotel and the regatta, and the sailing equipment was in perfect condition.
On the Arabic night we had the pleasure to learn about the culture of the Sultanate of Oman. Mussanah Race Week was a very good experience for me and I would be very happy to join again.”
Nick Zeltner, Swiss Optimist Sailor
“The event was very well-organised, the culture was interesting and the level was very high. Sailing with some of the best sailors of the world was a big experience and a good preparation for the coming season. The staff was extremely kind. To be part of this event has been one of the highlights of my optimist sailing career.”
Deike Bornemann, German Optimist Sailor





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